We wanted to share with you our photoshoot and the editing process to get to our final Picture

Our last Publicity Picture with us on the building in New York was done by the talented Sebastian Konopix.
We thought it was time for a new one and Craig had some ideas what he wanted. Actually the finished pic is a mixture of his two ideas.  So the first image Craig wanted was us standing in the middle of a riot scene. Burning fires, rubble, the lot. And the second idea was us standing on a massive truck with our faces on the side. It turns out Sebastian was able to combine both ideas into one image. We are really happy with the end result. And even better we got an extra portrait shot of the both of us. Which looks super cool. Liz was filming us on set for the photoshoot , which plays a part in this short video of Speed Retouching created by Konopix showing the whole process of making this picture for us. Watch it now;  Speed Retouching by Sebastian Konopix

For more of Sebastian Konopix ; More work of Arts from Sebastian Konopix

Work is also underway for our full show appearing from 11th July to 3rd Sept  in The Horseshoe Theatre at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Get your tickets here: Evolution of Magic Show



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